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Cold Water Shrimps

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The cold-water prawn is a great source of protein and low in fat, making it a healthy and nutritious delicacy.

Coldwater prawns are best eaten on their own with mayonnaise and lemon.

The cold-water prawn is a hermaphrodite and starts life as a male, but turns female after three to four years.

When spawning begins in the spring, the eggs are fertilized and the male carries the eggs on its legs until they are ready to hatch.

Immediately after the eggs have hatched, the adult prawn loses its shell and starts to grow a new and larger one. The prawn bulks up on water to form a slightly larger shell, ensuring space to grow before the next spawning.

Cold-water prawn has a lifespan of up to nine years.

The prawn is usually caught when it is around six years old and eight to ten centimeters long, compared to farmed warm-water species that are usually fully grown when they are six months old.

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